Hey Jo Jo Theater Productions Heads to the Big Stage at Fiesta Del Sol – Solana Beach

May 21st, eleven theater students that have been preparing for this show since March, headed out to Fiesta Del Sol and performed before a crowd of hundreds in the hot sun. “It was a perfect way to kick off summer,” Theater Teacher, Jolene Bogard mentioned. “The kids all had a blast, even our little 6 year old Brooke who had never been on stage before wowed the audience.” Read More

The kids performed for 45 minutes, showcasing a couple of short productions including Mermaid Alisha and an Epic Battle at the end. Former Mayor of Solana Beach, Marion Dodson (Jolene Bogard’s mother) introduced the students before they came on stage.

“I’m so proud of every actor it boggles the mind. Each has a special talent which I tried to showcase in the show and I’m always amazed how they come together and perform,” said Jolene Bogard.

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