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Intermediate & Advanced Jazz Band

Instructors Mark Weed & Scott Sayre

Recommended for Grades 7-12

Students will explore various styles of jazz and are introduced to improvisation. Traditional big band jazz and smaller jazz combos will perform at least twice during the year. A great class to compliment the band/orchestra classes at school and help prepare you for the next level.


2017-2018 School Year

MEETS: Mondays 6:45pm-8:00pm
DATES: September 25th, 2017 –  May 21, 2018
COST: $450 for the school year. Register anytime, proration option available.

Prerequisites:  This band is our jazz ensemble for students with 2+ years of experience. Many students remain in the band for several years. Students are required to demonstrate a working knowledge of at least four blues scales. Instructor approval is required for those instrumentalists who have less than the required amount of experience.

Student Responsibilities: 30 minutes of instrumental practice daily. It is highly recommended that all jazz students listen to as much swing and improvised music as possible as this is the only way to fully embrace the style. Soloists in particular should spend extra time honing their skills either with private instruction, Jamey Aebersold play-along exercises or both.

All jazz bands have several performance opportunities throughout the year including YAA showcases.


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