Book studio time at YAA’s very own recording studio.
Experienced engineers, quality equipment and low rates!

$45/hour, call to book today at (858) 720-2180

YAA’s recording studio is fully equipped with the latest and greatest technology to provide musicians with a professional sound.

Recording Computer: Mac Pro computer with 23.5”

Recording Software: ProTools

Recording Rack Units: 16 channel Pro Tools LE studio- Digi 003 Rack, 4 channels, Focusrite ISA 428 preamps 8 channels, Persons Digimax FS preamps 8 channels, Presonus ACP88 compressors

Monitors: JBL LSR4326P studio monitor speakers

Recording and Mixing Rooms: 16” x 20” performance room, 27” x 40” performance room, 16” x 9.5” control room

Microphones: (1) AKG c414 – Limited Anniversary Edition, (1) EV Re 202 – Rode NT5’s, (2) Nady CYM, Audix DP-5a drum mic kit, (2) Shure Beta 57’s, (4) Shure SM 57’s

Additional Equipment: Mogami cables, Audio Technica headphones

Instruments and Amplifiers: (1) Baby grand piano, multiple drum kits, multiple bass amps, multiple guitar amps