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The Boys & Girls Clubs of San Dieguito, Youth Arts Academy’s ImageMakers Program and the Allred branch had the privilege of visiting Petco Park on September 17th. This unique event, sponsored by Sony Electronics, Inc. and the San Diego Padres was an incredible experience for the youth. The future photographers left the Boys & Girls Clubs of San Dieguito Polster Branch in vans after school to meet up with Sony’s Sr. Manager, Community Affairs, Julie Wenzel and her team along with Evin Martinez, manager, Partnership Services with the San Diego Padres.

Padres Sony and ImageMakers (12)This fabulous team took the kids onto the field while both teams (Phillies and Padres) were warming up before the game that started at 7:15pm. The kids captured this moment with Sony cameras donated by Sony Electronics, Inc. Ian Kennedy, Padres pitcher #22, greeted the kids and signed autographs. Then the kids met up with Andy Hawt, the Padres Photographer. He welcomed the kids by showing them his pricey equipment and then gave them a run down about his career. They had a ton of questions, including: how much do you make?

Padres Sony and ImageMakers (9)Then just before the game started the kids visited Jessie Aglar who hosts: Social Hour. Jessie was busy interviewing Randy Jones, former Padre Pitcher whose retired jersey hangs in the stadium, but he made a great effort to talk to the kids and tweet about their visit. Just before memory cards were filled up and the bellies were getting hungry, staff, the Sony Team and students found their seats and made their way to purchase food. Food vouchers were donated as well.

The kids bellies were full with cracker jacks and hot dogs, but did their best to try and make it up on the Jumbo Tran—but they had no luck. Before the 7th inning stretch, the kids headed back to the Club. This incredible experience was the next day “brag” moment at school. Though they were tired, it was worth the amazing day!  Thank you to everyone who made this event possible for the kids!

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